Payroll Outsourcing

We partner with Companies so that, they can focus on their core businesses and allow the management of their contract, foreign and domestic payroll, short term and seasonal workers to our tax and payroll experts.

 Our objective here is to minimize the tax and other liabilities that may arise from payroll management, and ensure that accurate values of payroll taxes and employee’s salaries are paid and on time. 

Our highly experienced payroll team works with accuracy, confidentiality and compliance on all payroll matters and above all, they ensure your staff are paid on time – every time.

We work with different payment frequencies: Weekly, Monthly and Irregular intervals.

Our payroll Outsourcing services include:

1. Registration of employee’s at the National Social Insurance Fund (NSIF).

2. Classification of Employee’s salary components to reduce employer’s and employee’s tax and social liabilities (Payroll optimization),

3. Calculation of payroll for Local and Foreign workers,

4. Printing and distribution of pay slips,

5. Calculation of employee’s termination benefits and Severance pay.