Manpower Supply & Staff Augmentation

We partner with Companies in order to staff their work stations and or projects in responds to their business objectives. Through this, we accelerate our client’s business by providing staffs with the right qualifications and skills that will raise the productivity and effectiveness of their total workforce, thus making our clients more profitable and competitive.
Our objective and target is to supply candidates that have:

1) The relevant knowledge and skills to match up with the job specifications (that is Person-job Match qualities),

2) The right values to match up with the culture and environment of the Company (that is Person – Organizational Match values),

3) Integrity, Honesty and Empathy as their main values during the performance of their duties and responsibilities; above all are able to work under tight schedules and deadlines


Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry is one of the most important sectors to us, since it is one of the leading exports from Cameroon and its neighboring countries, such as Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, etc. We have been in the forefront in this sector for the past years. Oil and Gas being one of the major industries supported by us, we provide our partners; Oil and Gas recruitment services with all their staffing needs under standard methodology. We have a proven track record of successful placements of manpower (that do have a safe work culture) across different profiles, ranging from experienced project managers, HSE Trainers, Logistics officer, Plant administrator, Generator technicians, to other skilled and unskilled workers in the Oil and Gas Industry.


We specialize in providing professionals, and general support staff for the marine and rig industries. We extend our support to the operational needs of our partners in the wider Marine Industry, creating a full crew management facility including engineers, technical, mechanical, electrical and unskilled staff. 

This will involve the provision and supply of workers such as: Drillers, Pump man, and Floor man, Deck leaders, Batch leaders, Mechanics, Crane Operators, Electricians, Roustabouts, etc.

Driving & Transportation

We provide Drivers with relevant skills and experience that are committed to maintaining adequate safety and to remain crash free throughout their driving career. 

As such we supply drivers for the following categories of vehicles; B, BE, C, CE, D, DE, & G.

Office Staff

Here we supply workers with the skills and knowledge that fit the job specifications and the right values to successfully adapt with the company culture. 

We cover most aspects of business office support staff requirements across all industry sectors such as: Finance & Accounts, Administration, Facilities, Human Resources, Payroll, Sales & Marketing, Customer service, Secretarial duties & Receptionist, and IT.

Logististics & Store Management

Here our concern is on providing experience and skilled workforce for various work stations such as: warehousing, assembly, packaging, transportation and clerical services in the logistics sector. This involves the supply of manpower such as: Warehouse (or store) Keepers, Warehouse Managers, etc.

Civil Construction

We have a successful track record, providing management, engineering and unskilled labour staff to the civil construction industry. 

We work on behalf of most renowned, effective and efficient civil contractors. With many years experience in the industry our client base has been established and predominantly built on repeat businesses and referrals.

Cleaning & facility management

We provide the best cleaning & facility management services in Cameroon.

This includes:
1. Cleaning Services: This involves floor, furniture, office equipment, and general office/facility Cleaning.We make available workers to provide daily and/or periodic cleaning services.
2. Cleaning Supply Management:This entails supply of paper tissue, paper towels, trash bags, trash cans, mats, hand sanitizers, and just about any other related item your facility may need.

We set up your account on a routine ordering and delivery schedule that meet your requirements and we maintain your inventory for you. Here, our objectives are to:

  1. Assist you to have a healthier work environment,
  2. Ensure your business environment is always clean, with good flavour.
  3. Accommodate your business schedule, and enable you to concentrate on your core activities

Electrical & Plumbing

We supply qualified electrical and plumbing professionals on short or long term basis for any installations. We ensure that our candidates meet the highest standards.


We serve large, Multi-national manufacturers, small to medium sized companies. Our inherent strength is supplying technical, skilled and unskilled staff with production background.

Information Technology

We make it easier to get IT done, deploying the right people, the right way to achieve business target. We identify highly qualified talent for key positions with our partner’s organization that are typically difficult to fill, are urgent in nature or require a unique and rare combination of relevant skills and experiences.